Explore a world of healing at our Revivers Abu Dhabi, drawing on traditions from across Arabia and Asia. Cherish relaxing massage at one of the well-known luxury home massage services within the region. an intensive menu of body treatments and facials target everything from aching muscles to cellulite and aging skin. Peruse our beautifying packages, also spa rituals for couples. It’s often said the simplest things in life are meant to be shared. Love, friendship, happiness – all better once you have someone to enjoy it with. and therefore, the same principle applies to spa treatments, of course.
Abu Dhabi has numerous amazing therapies to undertake, so why not bring a friend or partner along to indulge with you. Here are ten of our favorite treatments for 2 the capital has got to offer. Choose between a pleasant range of treatments lasting up to 2 hours per person and unwind together. We recommend the mixture treatment, which starts off with an aromatherapy with essential oils. Next up may be a soothing one-hour massage then you pack up with our 60 min couples massage packages.
Committed to making an exceptional experience for every guest. From champagne and truffles to luxurious throws and customized treatments, our goal is to surpass all expectations and to assist you escape to a sanctuary of indulgence and relaxation. Our staff is devoted to creating your visit spectacular. Whether you seek relief for overexerted
muscles, or just want to let your mind and body escape reality, your technician will customize your massage using specialty products and can borrow from a spread of techniques to realize ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.



While it’s normal for us all to feel sad from time to time, some people have such extreme low moods that these have a negative effect on their physical, emotional and mental health, and stop them from functioning in their daily lives. If this seems like you, then you’ll be affected by depression and need treatment.
At Revivers, we understand that it is often very difficult to deal with depression, and other people may struggle to seek the assistance they have due to feeling helpless and low in motivation, which are two common symptoms of depression.
However, it’s important to acknowledge that you simply don’t need to suffer on your own. Depression is entirely treatable and with the proper help from Reviver’s specialist psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists, you’ll make a full recovery. It’s going to seem overwhelming to reach out for help, but it really is the neatest thing you’ll do to urge your life back on target. At Revivers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we will provide 60MCMPackages, expert outpatient treatment for depression, which is flexible and personalized consistent with your individual needs.
We can offer many different therapeutic techniques to treat depression in both our Dubai and Abu Dhabi Wellbeing Centres. At our specialist depression treatment centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, our dedicated team of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other psychological state specialists are committed to supporting you. Depression is often treated so please take the primary steps to steer a fuller life and get in touch with the Revivers depression specialists, they’re going to be happy to speak to you through the simplest counselling for you.

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