As our name suggests, Revivers offer quite just a promise of luxury single massage packages, it offers centuries-old wellness experiences. A therapeutic blend of massage techniques while using smooth, heated rosewood sticks throughout the massage to extend the effectiveness of this treatment experience. Our natural oil, infused with custom-blended arabian botanicals, will instantly relax your muscles and promote your overall health and well-being.
Our collection of therapeutic massages offers a singular wellness treatment created only for you. Combining expert touch through a customized infusion of aromatic plant and flower extracts, like rose, cardamom, and mint herbs. These uniquely blended ingredients are combined with high-quality volatile oil blends to market balance and relief. choose between our restorative selections and consult your therapist for a more customized massage experience.
A customized massage utilizing various techniques specific to the therapists’ training from their particular region. Acupressure, Thai, Balinese, Swedish, and Ayurvedic are possible upon request and may be combined to make a singular experience for your therapeutic needs.
A deeper muscle and animal tissue manipulation with attention on unraveling tension in tighter bound-up muscles and improving the general range of motion. Highly recommended for a release of the underlying muscle or for a sports-specific massage.
Our Signature blend of regionally influenced aromatics is combined so as to remove away dry skin leaving it smoother in appearance and softer to the touch. A classic massage that uses techniques to alleviate the strain and tension stored within the neck, shoulders, and back.

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