Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Massage Therapy Center?

The Massage Therapy Center is a place where massage and skin care professionals contract with us to provide an environment where they can run their own practices and their clients can enjoy treatments and a boutique environment.

I’m a Massage Therapist, how can I work at the Massage Therapy Center?

The Massage Therapy Center does not hire or contract with massage or skin care practitioners to provide services.Instead, the practitioners at the Center own and control their own practices and have chosen to see their clients at the Center.Therapists pay the Center for the use of the facilities by them and their clients.As business owners, therapists set their own schedules, pricing, breaks, type of work performed, and how they perform massage and skin care services.If you’re interested in learning more about locating your own practice at this unique space, please contact us at +971 0505102721

Can a single massage therapy session “fix” me?

There’s no definite answer to this question – clients vary with different ailments, some chronic, some intermittent. The therapies to alleviate these conditions varies as well.

Can One Facial Treatment Session Help Improve My Skin?

There’s really no one definite answer to this question either. The estheticians who practice at the Center always strive to provide real skin care results, but benefits from facials can vary from client to client based on a number of factors.

Why is The Massage Therapy Center More Expensive?

The massage therapists at the Center set their own rates, determine their own schedules, and completely control how and when they practice their profession. Because of that, the Center only attracts master-level therapists who are comfortable owning their own practices and controlling every aspect of what they do.As in any field, working with someone highly passionate and professional typically costs more.

Why Do The Therapists at the Center Offer 60 and 90-minute Massage Therapy Sessions ?

Because the practitioners who practice at the Center own and control their practices, they have the complete flexibility to book themselves 15 minute breaks between appointments to let them rest and prepare for each of their clients, and also to ensure that every client gets full 60 and 90-minute massage therapy and skin care sessions.

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